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The staff at our shop has over 23  years of window tinting experience between them. They are dedicated to finding high-quality window tinting  for each of our customers. 

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Comfort, Style & Protection Beyond Factory Tint
Did you know the factory installed tint on the rear windows of SUV s and mini vans was designed for privacy, not solar protection? Many people know that adding window tint to a vehicle can add style while significantly reducing heat and glare, but they stop short when it comes to adding tint over privacy glass. It's a common misconception that factory tinted rear windows provide full solar protection. Adding window tint to factory tinted glass can improve the solar performance of the glass by 50% and help block more than 99% of harmful UV rays. Along with sleek styling, window tint adds privacy and helps protect passengers from sun damage and car interiors against fading and cracking.

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Window tint to block the sun's rays
Window Film applied to rear and side glass helps block solar heat and UV rays from entering the vehicle while allowing visible light in On summer days, cars overheat quickly and metal seat belts get too hot to handle.  Automotive Window Films reduce heat by rejecting up to 60% of the solar energy coming in through your windows. Keep your cool for a more comfortable ride.  Fade Resistant Scientifically formulated for a non-reflective, true black finish that will not fade over time, even in warm sunny climates.Carbon film technology to keep GPS, satellite radio and cellular phone signals free from interference. 


Additional Information

Window film is one of the only products that will net you IMMEDIATE results upon installation.

You can truly FEEL the difference. 

Those results will add up to BIG savings over the lifetime of your home or office.

· Decrease Heat – Window film is the most efficient way to reduce unwanted solar heat transferring through your windows. It can provide up to 85% heat reduction versus untreated glass, while controlling hot spots and cooling off sun-drenched areas in your home or office.

· Reduce Fading & Health Risks – Window film blocks up to 99%* of UV rays, while also significantly reducing heat. This helps to protect your valuable furnishings from fading and provides a sunscreen for your skin against the harmful effects of the sun.

· Cut Glare – Whatever the cause – direct sun, reflections from snow, water or surrounding buildings – there is a perfect window film solution to help reduce annoying glare.

· Enjoy Energy Savings – Reducing temperature imbalances caused by extreme sunlight is why so many designers, architects and building engineers desire window film. Reducing heat loss will increase HVAC efficiency and lower energy costs.

· Increase Safety – Accidents, environmental effects and vandalism can instantly turn a pane of glass into life-threatening shards. Window film can act as a “safety net” by holding shattered glass together.

· Enhance Appearance – Whether it’s a contemporary look or a uniform design, there’s a choice of window film products that can aesthetically complement the exterior of a home or office building.

Money in Your Pocket

A tax credit directly reduces your income tax, unlike a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax. The credit then directly increases the tax refund you receive or decreases the amount you have to pay. Homeowners can receive a 10% credit on the costs of window film, up to $500. Installation charges do not apply.



Additional Information

Big energy savings Watch the numbers drop on those HVAC costs with our window film installation.  Window films can keep out up to 86% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering air conditioning costs. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs. They may also help you attain LEED credits, getting your building closer to certification.More comfortable work environment Window films also help regulate the temperature disparity between the sunny and the shady areas of your building. Offices stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, all of which makes your employees more comfortable.Reduced glare Glare causes eye fatigue and lower productivity. Drawing curtains or closing blinds is a claustrophobic approach at best, and it drives up the bill for artificial lighting.  Window films let in the light but not the glare, helping to maintain an open feeling.Protection from fading The fading caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays wreaks havoc on interior furnishings and merchandise, shortening their shelf life. Window films screen almost 100% of those harmful rays, potentially saving thousands in replacement costs.Increased safety Splintered, flying glass is one of the dangerous consequences of both natural and man-made disasters.  Window films are specifically designed to hold broken glass in place, lessening the chance of injury and property damage. It also makes forced entry more difficult for would-be vandals and burglars, which is especially important for retail establishments.Enhance your buildings appearance Window films make building exteriors more attractive by eliminating visual clutter and creating a uniform appearance.


we don't say we are the best our customers do

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 Since its founding, THE TINT GUY has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve. 


ComputerCut system

Precise Computer Cut System


WE use a state-of-the-art ComputerCut Window Tinting system that will cut precisely your vehicles window templates. If you value your vehicle you'll opt for a ComputerCut installation over traditional hand cutting and enjoy peace of mind with every cut.

  • ComputerCut carefully pre-cuts templates according to established specifications, resulting in sharp, clean lines - every time. This is an actual template of a Nissan Altima 2002-06 year model.
  • ComputerCut prevents unnecessary cutting on your vehicle - since patterns are precisely computer cut, there is no need to hand cut patterns to fit your vehicle's windows or painted surfaces.

ComputerCut delivers consistent quality time & time again. ComputerCut window tinting makes each job like a pro .


why Tint?

Additional Information

Hides vehicles contents 

Why tint?

Reduced heat. Reducing heat and UV radiation entering your vehicle adds life to the interior and prevents fabric from weakening and plastic trim from fading and cracking. Because tinted windows block heat from the sun, having them improves the performance of your air conditioner and in turn improves fuel economy. Tinted windows filter out about 80 percent of solar heat, versus less than 30 percent for non-tinted windows.

Reduced glare and UV exposure. Glare through side windows can be distracting to forward vision, and it can lead to eyestrain and fatigue on longer drives. Sunburn can also be an issue for some people. Non-tinted windows typically filter out less than 30 percent of UV light, while darker tinted windows will filter out 95 percent or more.

Increased security. Window tinting makes it more difficult to see your occupants and belongings inside your vehicle, so it's safe to say that your chances of being targeted for a crime are lessened.

Not only do tinted windows block out sun and heat, keeping your car relatively cool on sunny days, but it adds a touch of mystery and privacy. Any car with tinted windows look so much more misquote to it and keeps out the prying eyes of others.

National Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Why use Window tint on my car? 

  1. Block out harmful UV rays.
  2. Reduce heat build up.
  3. Reduce glare.
  4. Reduce sun damage to the vehicles interior.
  5. Looks aren't everything... but tinted windows add      distinction to any vehicle. 
  6. Prevents interior fading 
  7. Hides vehicals contents 
  8. Windows wind up and down 
  9. Can also be used in home and office


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